AOS Audit is a marketing agency auditing service that is based out of downtown San Diego, CA. Our company offers a service that is not only vital for business owners but severely overlooked.

The majority of business owners search out marketing agencies to contract out for services as doing all your companies marketing in-house is not an option for most.

As great as it is having a third party partner help manage and deliver your company’s marketing message and help represent your brand, it can also be very risky.

Having the wrong marketing agency partner can cost you hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and even put your company’s reputation and assets at risk.

In the unregulated and “wild wild west” of marketing, a lack of transparency between agencies and the businesses that hire them has become rampant.

Marketing is not as black and white as it once was and gets more complicated everyday that goes by.

This increase in complexity has made it very difficult for the business owner to keep up and stay on top of all their marketing efforts.

With a simple direct mailer, tv commercial or radio ad, measuring results is straightforward and the number of metrics used to quantify a result are minimal keeping things clean and transparent.

Now that digital advertising has become more prevalent, the complexity of the advertising, the number of metrics being measured and the amount of overlap between different marketing methods has become unmanageable.

The most frightening part of this increase in complexity is not actually the complexity itself but the amount of fraud and manipulation that it invites.

With the amount of pressure put on agencies to perform and their main priority of retaining your services being top of mind…report manipulation, black hat marketing methods and making decisions to benefit their bottom line at the expense of the client they service is an ever growing problem.

With no oversight or accountability for these marketing agencies, as well as a small barrier to entry, marketing agencies are putting more and more businesses at harm everyday.

AOS Audit was established for this very reason. To bring back power and clarity to the business owner in this ever changing marketing world.

Since we do not offer marketing agency services, we operate as a completely unbiased source and have no intentions besides telling the truth.

If you currently work with a marketing agency or are looking for one to hire in the near future then we believe you have no reason not reach out to us.

We look forward to hearing from you.