We all know how powerful growing your social media following and interactions are for your business. Regardless of what you sell, your target audience is people and guess what…people are on social media.

You being a savvy business owner figures this out and decides to hire a social media marketing agency to handle it for you.

You hire them and start to see more followers joining your pages and engagement on your posts.

You get excited about the great job they are doing so you continue their services month after month as you see your social media sites grow.

There’s one issue…the agency you hired isn’t producing real followers, likes and interactions.

They are just buying them or crowdsourcing them.

Yes, any social media platform, any type of interaction, any post, you can buy and crowdsource all these interactions.

Let me quickly go over the difference between buying and crowdsourcing.

Buying Social Media Interactions

This is pretty straightforward. You go to a website, select a package, input your credit card details and within 24-72 hours your social media followers or interactions are delivered. They are typically delivered through some automation and fake accounts.

Crowdsourcing Social Media Interactions

These are sites where you go on, connect your social media accounts and start liking and following other people’s social media accounts. Every time you interact with someone else’s social media account through your account, you gain points. You can then take those points and buy yourself interactions for your own accounts.

You are essentially exchanging your interactions with other social media accounts for people’s interactions with yours. Think of the phrase “Like for a like”. As this may seem like a way to get real followers, most of these accounts are just fake accounts created for the sole purpose of getting points on the site.

How to Spot the Problem

The easiest and simplest way to make sure this isn’t happening to you is to actually go through your new social media followers and people who like and interact with your page one by one and look through their profiles. See if you can spot the fake accounts.

Below is a couple of ways you can spot fake accounts.

  • Not many images
  • Incomplete profile details
  • Out of state or country that your company services
  • Very few posts

Blend of Fake and Real Followers

A lot of social media agencies will do a blend of real and fake followers. If their numbers are slacking one month, they will buy some interactions at the end of the month to boost them up. This creates a mix which is harder to spot.

It’s Not Always Bad

Look there are a few circumstances where buying followers is not a bad idea. There are some social media sites that require minimum followers or subs to unlock some important features. Maybe they just need to buy a couple of followers to increase your sites social signals for their seo strategy.

If the reason to buy the followers is to trick you then that’s where I have my issue. If it’s part of a strategy that you are aware of and are in agreement with then that is your decision to make.

Final Tips

When you hire a social media marketing agency, make sure that you know what you want and for what reason. Just saying you want followers without a real strategy behind it will waste you a lot of time and money. It will also put the agency you hired into a situation where they end up buying interactions just to fulfill these empty obligations.

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