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John Zakharia

– Founder & President –

John Zakharia is the President and Founder of AOS Audit. His first professional job began as a financial analyst at B of I Federal Bank in La Jolla, California. There he analyzed multi-family real estate markets and performed credit risk assessments for portfolio properties.

A short 6 months later, John’s entrepreneurial career began. His first business endeavors were in the credit card processing, direct sales, job recruiting and affiliate marketing industry. Today, John is one of the top marketers in the country, generating millions in sales for some of the most well renowned companies such as Click funnels and Genesis Digital. Mr. Zakharia started his first digital marketing agency, High Up Media, in 2015.

His experience running his digital agency allowed him to learn the ins and outs of the marketing agency business. In 2016, John Co-Founded a pay per call lead generation company, Instant Callers. John was the driving force behind scaling this company to hundreds of clients across the country ranging from local service providers to large national franchises.

As Instant Callers was performance based, its revenue strictly relied on his company’s ability to generate a qualified phone call. This allowed John to dig deep and cut his teeth in the world of media buying and conversion rate optimization.


Our AOS Power triangle represents the core of what our services offer. All 3 of our cores are highly important and completely overlooked when it comes to the current agency-client relationship. If your business has a marketing agency it works with, making sure all 3 of these cores are taken care of can be the difference between prosperity and failure. If your relationship with your marketing agency lacks any one of these 3 core principles then you leave your business vulnerable and open the gates for your agency partners to manipulate, underperform and put your business in danger. Below we provide you with a more detailed understand of how each core is so valuable to the relationship.


It’s vital to have proper accountability for the marketing agency you’re doing business with. Without it, the foreseen thing happens every single time like clockwork. The work of your agency slips and slips in quality. Shortcuts get taken and your business’s growth get’s put on cruise control and not 5th gear. In this highly competitive and volatile digital age of business, operating at subpar for even a single month is enough to give your competitors the edge to overtake your market share.


It’s not only important to have an unbiased third party overseeing the marketing project on hand, it’s as important that this third party partner is also an expert in the space they are overseeing. Here at AOS Audit, we are completely unbiased as we are not a marketing agency competing for the same job and second, we are outright experts in the field of marketing. There is nothing your marketing agency can throw at us that we can’t dissect. Every stone gets unturned and any misconduct gets exposed to the light of day putting clarity and power back into your hands.


In a society where most people only react to safety matters after devastation strikes, it’s easy to overlook the importance of safety and prevention. In a very fickle and grey industry like the marketing agency space, where hundreds of new agencies enter the space every single day and where experienced agencies are forced into this “race to the bottom” approach, many business owners are suffering through marketing agency horror stories at a rate like never before. You’ve invested hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars into your business. Don’t let the ignorance or irresponsibility of your marketing agency partner take all that away from you.


“Bringing Power Back to the Business Owner.”

In an ever changing environment, business owners are confused and unsure about the work being performed for them by their marketing agency partners. AOS Audit brings back power and clarity to the business owner. Giving him/her deep insight and peace of mind.




– Our company offers

We offers a service that is not only vital for business owners but severely overlooked.

The majority of business owners search out marketing agencies to contract out for services as doing all your companies marketing in-house is not an option for most.

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  • Do you offer marketing agency services?

    No we do not offer marketing agency services to our clients. Our job is not to compete with your agency for the same work. Our job is to audit your marketing agencies work from an unbiased viewpoint.

  • What type of marketing agencies to you audit?

    We can audit any type of marketing agency regardless of the type of services offered. In the rare circumstance that your marketing agency is offering a very unique service, we will have to evaluate your situation case by case.

  • Does my marketing agency have to know they are being audited?

    You will have the option of keeping the audit private between AOS Audit and your company or bringing your marketing agency in on the audit. The benefits of bringing the agency in on the audit is it allows us to communicate with your agency, ask questions and request data and documents. We understand that some of our clients don’t want to disclose this to their current marketing agency partner so we offer both options.

  • How long does the audit process take?

    The length of each audit is dependent on a couple of factors. The type of audit being performed, if it’s the first audit you’ve had with us or not, the amount of services being audit and the complexity of the job at hand. This could range from 2 weeks to a couple months.

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