“Be open to failure from your marketing agency”

I know I know. What I am saying here sounds counterproductive. Why should you accept failure from your marketing agency. If they fail, then they are not doing their job!

Look, I’m not here to suggest that you accept consistent failure because that just means they are not that good at what they do.

But I do believe you should give them the leeway to have a bad month. To not convert well with a couple marketing campaigns.

To feel like they can be open and honest with you.

The problem with the client and agency relationship is that the agency knowing they must show month after month results, ends up acting in ways that are actually detrimental to your business.


Cycle of Destruction

They start lying to you and manipulating reports to show these positive improvements. This lying serves no one any good. You as a business owner end up becoming blinded to your actual situation and the agency is stuck spending 90% of their time trying to cover up for their lies versus doing the real work that can actually benefit your business.

This is a cycle of destruction for your business and is only harming both sides of the equation.


Lack of Marketing Creativity

Another thing that starts to happen is the agency becomes less creative. They don’t take any risks and play it safe. This is also harmful for your business because there’s a lot of upside left on the table when you operate very safe.

An example of this could be only running ad campaigns for the same discount offer you have been running for years. The same one that you have been getting okay results with but nothing great. They may be choosing to run this campaign only because they know they can produce some results and protect their butts from looking bad. If you give them the creative freedom to test and make mistakes then they can really expand on your ad campaigns. It may take them a couple tries to get something to work but that one that works could garner you ten times the results of what the “safe campaign” has been getting you.


Starting Out on the Right Foot is Crucial

It’s always important at the start of your relationship with your agency to make it clear that you will not penalize them for testing and failing. That you have an open door policy to have real and honest discussions about what didn’t work and what did. That you won’t fire them over a bad month and that explaining why things didn’t work is more important than covering up for it and pretending everything went great.

It’s this sort of open communication and proper standards set at the beginning that will significantly improve the relationship and results you get with your marketing agency partners.


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