One of the biggest fears most of us have in business is to feel stuck. We do and try everything we can to prevent this situation from happening.

It’s the same dilemma that I face when I look to move over to a new software or tool and then realize that if things go wrong or don’t live up to my initial expectations then I am stuck and my business suffers.

It’s happened to me many times in the past and I know it most likely has for you too.

Stuck with your Marketing Agency

When it comes to feeling “stuck” in your marketing agency relationship, the stress can be even more significant.

Regardless of how you want to put it, your marketing agency has a strong influence on your bottom line. Just separating and going your own paths is not always that simple. If you hired the same agency to perform all or the majority of your marketing services then this situation can be even more difficult.

You can compare your marketing agency relationship to a marriage with kids.

Your business is your baby and your baby has become very dependent on your marketing agency for quite a long time now.


Two Agencies is Better than One

My biggest tip for you if you find yourself in this situation is to hire a second agency while you’re working with the one that you’re trying to separate from.

This period of paying two agencies may seem like a waste of money but it truly is worth every penny.

This allows your new agency to get acclimated to your company, personal, processes and systems before you pull the trigger on the older agency.

If you decide to go with easy route and just fire the agency before you have an “acclimated replacement” then you will most likely suffer a dip or even stoppage of new leads and sales for your business.


Marketing Agency Transition Scenarios to Avoid

Old agency hosts and manages your website. You fire them and they turn off the hosting and your website goes down. New agency has to get passwords and get the site transferred to a new hosting account. Old agency ends up not being that cooperative in the transitional process.

Old agency has all your creatives and design files. You fire them and they delete the folder with all your logos, templates and advertising creatives. Your new agency is stuck trying to recreate all these files or beg the old agency to send them over.

Old agency was performing SEO for you. You fire them and they divert all the backlinks they built for you away from your website. Your website loses a lot of it’s rankings and your website traffic from Google takes a big dip. If you had your new agency already working on this, they could of identified this potential problem and built new backlinks in preparation of this dip. I discuss this exact situation in a previous article you can find here.

Old agency is running Google Adwords for you under their own Adwords Manager account and not yours. You fire the agency and they close the account down and all the campaign data gets deleted. All the split tests, metrics and negative keywords discovered get deleted. You are now in a position where you have to start all over. Your marketing data is one of your most valuable assets. You can read more about the importance of your marketing data in this article I wrote previously.

Old agency is buying media for you and has relationships with ad reps. You fire the agency and they neglect to share those contacts with you. Your new agency is then stuck trying to find out who they were communicating with and end up having to establish new relationships with new ad reps. This puts you in a situation where you lose any potential points you’ve accumulated or deals you’ve gotten with the prior ad rep.

Old agency manages your lead generation and email marketing. You fire the marketing agency and they close down your lead capture pages and funnels. They also delete your lead lists and email campaigns they built out for you. Not only does your lead flow stop but your working campaigns have to be recreated. Let’s not forget you lose your lead list, one of the most important assets you have.


Don’t Lose Your Leverage

The importance of still paying your old agency as you migrate your marketing towards your new agency is exactly that…you’re still paying them. If they don’t play ball and are not helpful in the migration process then they lose their paycheck. They would rather get their last 2 months pay then make things difficult for you. Never lose leverage during your transition process.


You’re Empty Threats Won’t Work

You may think that you can find leverage in the legal system or through verbal threats. That you always have leverage and that they would not be stupid enough to mess with you when you fire them. Let’s not kid ourselves. They don’t care about your “bad review” threat. They just don’t. They don’t care about the “we will sue you” threat either. They know you’re bluffing. They don’t even care about your “I’ll come to your office threat”…because you’ll just end up in front of a UPS store looking at their PO box address.

If you find yourself in this situation of feeling stuck. Where you want to part ways from your current marketing agency and are just afraid to do so, then just follow my tips in this article.


If you would like help and guidance while making this transition, you can reach out to us at We can help ensure you have a clean and easy transition. We will also make sure that everything that needs to get done in this transition actually does.

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