This is a topic that really should be repeated over and over again to clients looking to hire an agency.

Marketing Agency Does NOT Mean Marketing Expert

Are there agencies that have the ability to deliver high level marketing expertise? Yes there definitely are.

But, let’s be clear… there are a TON of agencies out there that have very little marketing expertise that are out selling their services under the perception of being “marketing experts”.

Technical Expertise vs Marketing Expertise

Delivering a marketing service and being able to navigate the technical side of that service is “technical” expertise.

Don’t get me wrong…there is definitely value in understanding all the technicalities. It’s just not where the true value is. It’s not what you’re paying for. It’s not going to get you the big results that you want.

Always Find out “Who”

When hiring an agency it’s important to first understand WHO is working on your account. Just because you buy a product from Amazon, doesn’t mean Jeff Bezos will be the one delivering that product to your doorstep.

Just because the founder of the agency is a marketing superstar doesn’t mean he’s the one working on your marketing. It could easily be a recent college graduate who just started to learn marketing a couple months ago.

Systems and Processes Can Only Do So Much

This is where some agencies will make the argument of how the marketing processes and systems they have in place is where the value is.

There is value in that, but like I said before…

Technical Expertise is Different than Marketing Expertise.

A system and a process can improve on technicalities but not much on the side of marketing expertise.

With my previous example of Amazon and Jeff Bezos, it’s easy to understand that regardless of who delivers the product, Jeff Bezos or a UPS driver, the result will be the same for you as a customer.

When it comes to marketing, it’s much more dynamic and complex than that.


At the end of the day, it’s important to always remember that if you’re looking for marketing expertise then remember that it is more important to seek the individual and not just the company as a whole. So if you look to hire a marketing agency, make sure to ask for the guy or gal who will be managing your account and overseeing it throughout. If that person doesn’t have the credentials that you were hoping for, then ask for another person or find another company.

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