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Do you offer marketing agency services?
A No we do not offer marketing agency services to our clients. Our job is not to compete with your agency for the same work. Our job is to audit your marketing agencies work from an unbiased viewpoint.
What type of marketing agencies to you audit?
A We can audit any type of marketing agency regardless of the type of services offered. In the rare circumstance that your marketing agency is offering a very unique service, we will have to evaluate your situation case by case.
Does my marketing agency have to know they are being audited?
AYou will have the option of keeping the audit private between AOS Audit and your company or bringing your marketing agency in on the audit. The benefits of bringing the agency in on the audit is it allows us to communicate with your agency, ask questions and request data and documents. We understand that some of our clients don’t want to disclose this to their current marketing agency partner so we offer both options.
How long does the audit process take?
AThe length of each audit is dependent on a couple of factors. The type of audit being performed, if it’s the first audit you’ve had with us or not, the amount of services being audit and the complexity of the job at hand. This could range from 2 weeks to a couple months.
What happens after the audit, do you still continue to work with us?
AYes absolutely, our job is not to just discover problems and then walk out on the relationship. Depending on the result of the audit, different routes are taken. We may suggest periodic auditing services for clients. We may suggest that you be put through our AOS resolution program where we work with you and your marketing agency to establish clear defined goals, responsibilities and transparent communication. If a new agency is to be hired, we would offer you our new agency hiring service where we help assist you during your agency hiring process.