If you own a local business in industries like dental, chiropractic, fitness, real estate, etc. then you have at least a dozen times been reached out to by a Facebook Ads Marketing Agency.

While Facebook is a great platform for generating leads and sales for your business, the methods used to acquire clients by some of these agencies can be a bit misleading.


Free Facebook Ad Trials

As agencies competing to run Facebook ads for clients became more and more saturated, the tactics to get clients has become more cut throat as well.

It has eventually got to the point where agencies are offering to create and run the ads for free for a few days as a test run and while only asking the business to pay for the ad spend during those couple days.

From the outside looking in, this seems like a highly generous offer that makes complete sense for the business owner. They get free work done and the agency has to prove themselves before getting paid.

The big flaw with this is the fact that many local Facebook ads campaigns perform very well in the beginning and then take a downturn right after.

I’ve had many moments where I’ve run a Facebook ad and checked the metrics on the first day thinking I created the next big hit to check in tomorrow and realize that I wasn’t even close.

Low Hanging Fruit

The reason for this is due to the way Facebook’s algorithm works. What Facebook does when you ask it to optimize for clicks or leads is to try and find the people in your target audience that are most susceptible to clicking or filling in their contact info into a form.

You can think of this as Facebook going after the low hanging fruit in your audience.

Another thing is that depending on your audience size…your ads can go stale even quicker. The smaller the audience size, the less low hanging fruit there is and the quicker your whole audience will see your ad.

I am not opposed to agencies offering this free Facebook ads trial as for the most part agencies are not purposely doing this to try and hurt business owners.

All I want is that business owners understand that when it comes to local Facebook ads, results today don’t always mean results tomorrow. They need to know that signing a large monthly retainer because you got a handful of leads on the first day is not a clear determinant of future results. If you want to run Facebook ads for your business then find a good agency from the start and don’t buy into the short term hype.


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